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    Modern center of recovery medicine takes 6 thousand square meters and it started to operate in 2008 year and is equipped with the newest medical facilities from world leading producers – Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Holland, Russia. Center has the licenses for 76 types of treatment.

    European model of service organization is used here. This allows to make up a personal healing and organism functional recovery program for each patient. Center opens at 8:00 and works till 20:00 allowing to set convenient schedule for each patient.

    Along with conventional sanatorium healing methods (hydrotherapy, fangotherapy, massage, physiotherapy) we also widely use unique modern novelties – cryosauna (ultra-low tempretures healing -160 C), carbonic baths, phytosauna “Cedar barrel”, “Mountain air” hypoxytherapy method, lymphatic drainage, LPG-massage, psychological methods of relaxation - vibrosensorium, audio-visual stimulation, phytoaromatherapy.

    These methods allow you to restore disturbed functions of the body by increasing its own reserves of adaptation and self-regulation. This is more physiological than aggressive drugs therapy.

    A unique feature of our programs is a priority use of natural therapeutic factors.

    Among them are physical, spa, hydrothermal, thermal, using herbal medicine, dietary therapy, mud therapy, physical therapy and others.

    We try to avoid any medications - only natural vegetable ingredients, mud, honey, mineral water, herbal teas and herbal infusions. The value is not something unique procedure itself, but only a set of individually selected for the individual methods of action, their sequence and alternation.

    Experienced doctors select complex procedures on the basis of objective patient status and data to the survey, clearly understanding the purpose of such action and its results.

    Any rehabilitative treatment complements the individual program of diet and physical exercises - fitness, yoga, aerobics, swimming, cardio health path. The experienced physiotherapy instructor works with patients. Classes are held in groups and individually.

    Besides, doctor gives the patient full information about his health.

    He explains to him the value of certain tests. During their meeting the doctor makes the plan of examination and treatment, gives complete explanations of the nature, purpose and duration of appointment procedures.

    During the entire course of treatment the patient has the opportunity to ask doctor any questions relating to health and treatment, and receive answers.

    At the end of treatment course, each patient receives a full report on the treatment and its results, with recommendations for the future.

    With the help of our diagnostic database, we can estimate more than 500 parameters of the state of patient's health.

    Among them are laboratory tests and ultrasound diagnostics, and functional studies of all body systems, assessment of metabolism, homeostasis, immune status, microcirculation, vascular status, the assessment of psycho-physiological status, the level of cellular toxicity and adaptation reserves of the body.

    Our tests can detect early signs of disease or conditions for it's development to prevent the disease.

    All of the above principles of recovery medicine are embodied in treatment programs. We divided the programs into periods.

    Thus, in the summer we offer 14-day wellness programs - leaving more time to enjoy the sea and the sun.

    And in the off-season unique specialized treatment programs for a period from 14 to 28 days are accessible.