Россия, Краснодарский край, Туапсинский район, курорт Небуг

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“Gazprom Yamal” resort complex is located at the Black Sea coast of Krasnodar area, where emerald waters of the Black Sea meet with the Nebug mountain river.

Resort beaches stretch for several kilometers along the Black Sea coast. Beaches consist of pebble and partially of sand. Curative factors of location of “Gazprom Yamal” resort complex are Mediterranean climate and sea water.

“Gazprom Yamal” is the most modern and comfortable resort complex on the Black Sea coast in Nebug.

Nebug is the centre of leisure and entertainmen in Tuapse disctrict. “Dolphin” water park, “Akvamir” dolphinarium, equipped embankment are located beside resort complex.

Resort complex possesses a wide forest-park zone.

Plenty of sun, clean air, favorable climate conditions, variety of flora and fauna, scenic nature let you use hi-class services all year long. Nebug resort is a wonderful combination of the calm warm sea, descending to the beach along mountain slopes centuries-old forest. In summer there are freshing breezes softing the heat. Soft climate allows to bathe in the sea and take sunbathes from May to October.

“Gazprom Yamal” is a modern resort complex with rooms all the facilities needed. All the rooms are equipped with furniture, bathroom, mini-bar, TV, phone, hairdryer and air conditioning system. Hospitable staff provides high level of your comfort.

“Gazprom Yamal” resort complex is located in scenic and ecologically clean place, far away from industrial districts and in 300 meters from the sea. Beautiful combination of the calm warm sea and the old forest, well-conditioned territory surprises guests and take them away from the city life.

Climate has representative features of Mediterranean type. July average temperature is +23, January is +4. Gentle southern sun shines about 200 days a year. The location where complex is disposed is mountainous and crossed with ravines and valleys. Mountains are covered with forests in particular with juniper groves and pine forests. Such various landscape and vegetation forms areas with specific microclimate at Nebug seaside. True Russian subtropics begin here.

Distance to Krasnodar airport - 167 km, Sochi - 150 km.

Distance to Tuapse railstation – 14 km.

Post address: 352831, Russia, Krasnodar Area, Tuapse region, resort settlement Nebug.